summer goals and dreams

This summer is already very full for me, but I want to make the most of these few months before heading back to Canada in August! Here are some of my dreams and goals; dreams are the things I dearly hope to do, but have to figure out where to start. My goals are more practical and less nebulous. Share your below!

Goal: Read 8 books. That's about 2 per month from May-August. I just finished With by Skye Jethani and very highly recommend it. I've noticed that most of the people I have a deep respect for a very well-read individuals who cherish the wisdom of others found in the pages of a book. I want to develop that more.

Dream: Create a Biblical Hebrew workshop. Something for families to get a taste of how to read Biblical Hebrew, how to use available resources for Bible study, and why Biblical languages are so significant.

Goal: Buy ethically. Continue to not buy clothes or meat produced in an unethical, inhumane way, inspired by the justice called for in Isaiah.

Dream: Create the Isaiah Fast. It's a challenge I've been brainstorming for a few months now that would ask participants to go a certain amount of time doing a "fast" that follows what God desires according to Isaiah. The name is still being finalized. More to come soon.

Goal: History with my grandparents. Especially after visiting Alert Bay over spring break, I was struck by how much a person's history and heritage can be a part of their identity. I realized that I don't know very much about my own grandparents' stories, or even where my heritage lies. I want to hear them tell me all they'd like to share.

Dream: Memorize a Psalm in Hebrew. I haven't chosen one yet, and I definitely expect it to be hard, but worth it. Or maybe a chapter from Isaiah...

Goal: Refresh memory of John 1-8. I had it memorized at one point on the way to my lifetime goal of memorizing the whole book of John, but now I can barely make it through chapter 2. Time for a refresh. I recorded myself reading it aloud slowly so that I can play it in the car back and forth from work, helping me learn to say it in sync with the recording.

Dream: Write more of my book. This is obviously vague and not specific, but I started writing a book last summer and would love to continue it. Fitting it in amidst a lot of work will be hard, but that's what dreams are for!

Goal: Take an online course. Self-explanatory.

I made this list not as a pressure-based performance-evaluator for myself. I'm trying to be very intentional about not basing my value on my performance. But I also want to make the most of every minute, and making a list of goals is incredibly helpful even if it is just setting a vision. Please share any of your goals in the comments!


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