off to alert bay

I'm writing this post ahead of time because I won't be taking my computer with me as I head off to Alert Bay with my team! By this time Sunday, Lord willing, we will have been in Alert Bay about 24 hours already after a long day of travel on Saturday, taking a ferry to Vancouver Island, driving far north, and taking another ferry to Cormorant Island. I realized that other than the giant Vancouver Island, I've never really been on an island before! Oh, what adventures He takes me on. Here's where we are!

TWU is between Vancouver and Abbotsford.

The directions to the church we'll be working with is simply, "When you get off the ferry, turn left." There are only a few streets on this whole island!

I have truly seen God working already. On Thursday, I was meeting some friends at CanIL (the Canada Institute of Linguistics where I study at TWU), and an older man pulled me aside and asked if I was Shelby. I was surprised but said yes, and he asked if I was leading a trip to Alert Bay. I was even more surprised, but said yes. It turns out that he had met my co-leader by "chance" the day before and remembered my name and overheard me talking about the trip. He shared with me that he is a linguist working with another linguist who is developing a Bible translation for Kwakw'ala, the language of the people of Alert Bay! I was blown away to run into these people who are not only going to this same, tiny little island, but are actually working to do the very thing I want to do. Who knows what God has in store, but clearly He is working.

That has been my theme for the last week: He is working. He is active. Through big and little things, through sunshine, through answered prayers, through incredible financial support from many of you, through doing many Prayer Trainings, I have seen that God wastes nothing. He is active even when He seems silent. Oh Father you are indescribable.

Please keep my team in your prayers. Pray that we will make long term connections with the youth here, that we will be an encouragement to the church here, and that we will be sensitive to hearing God speak. Pray for unity amongst our team members so that we will be a beautiful picture of the body of Christ, the one for whom and with whom we have come here in the first place.

Thank you friends!


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