twu part two - preface

It's late, so this post will be brief, but here's a quick intro to my coming year at Trinity Western University, and some ways I would love to receive prayer. Thanks for reading!

intercultural programs. 

This year, I'm a student leader with the Intercultural Programs (ICP) team. I've been with my team of
Our ICP team dressed up as the inflatable wavy armed car dealership guys
twelve for the last week, participating in training to prepare us for the year. Our focus is to help integrate international students with our school's community, and to educate our students on how to be culturally aware and inclusive. Specifically, I'm a "Globe'ie," so titled because I'm one of the four students who live in The Globe. The Globe is a large apartment suite whose lounges and kitchens are available for all students, Canadian or international, to come and hang out, make food, play games, or just find someone to be with if they need a friend. Today was really our first day of operation, and we hosted a big TCK/MK dinner (Third-Culture-Kid/Missionary-Kid) for almost 50 students. It's so cool to connect a bunch of students who all look like Canadians, but in reality come from the Solomon Islands, the UK, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Finland, South Africa, Brazil, or so many more. And I've already made friendships with international students that I'm already treasuring.
- that I would be a humble team player
- that Jesus would open my eyes to the students around me
- that He would be working in the hearts of many international students who don't yet know Him


I'm unofficially heading up a lot of the prayer ministry here at Trinity, and I'm so excited. I so badly want to see my fellow students discover the wonder of communication with God. I want to see us as a student body joining together to ask God to act. I fully believe He is waiting to do even more than we can imagine if we will just ask. Specifically, I'm hoping to lead up (with helpers) daily prayer times before chapel, bi-weekly prayer meetings, and small group prayer trainings. I need prayer for all of this!
- that I would be faithfully seeking God and finding Him
- that people would volunteer to help lead daily pre-chapel prayer times
- that students would desire to get involved with prayer
- that I would have favor with TWU staff to help get prayer trainings to students here


I'm so excited for my classes: Phonology, Morphology & Syntax, Intro to New Testament, Elementary Biblical Greek, and Readings in the Hebrew Scriptures. The prayer is basic.
- that I would prioritize well to get homework done efficiently so as to spend more time with people
- that I would soak in everything, not just memorize for exams


There's no way to wrap up all these people in a paragraph! The people really are the best part of TWU, and I'm so blessed to spend another year with them.
- that I would have Jesus' eyes to see people
- that I would be listening to His voice and hear what He wants to say to others
- that I would build lifelong friendships

Thank you for all of your support. Your prayers change things. Let's watch God work!


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