black and blue

What we're trying,
It's not working,
There must be something else to do.
All the violence,
And the hatred,
Only leaves us black and blue.

Black lives matter,
Blue lives matter,
All lives matter, so we say.
Love the Muslims,
Love the gay ones,
But more die now every day.

What's the problem?
Is it race?
Is it religion, sex, or greed?
Will more protests,
Will more rampage,
Ever get us what we need?

Does the evil,
Come from somewhere,
That's too close for us to see?
Do the shooter,
And the bomber,
Have a common thread in me?

There is something,
Father, deeper,
Than our ideologies.
There is fear,
Ever lurking,
Within our humanity.

Fear binds us,
Fear drives us,
Fear blinds us and deceives.
But perfect love,
It casts out fear,
So perfect love we must receive.

Life is messy,
Brutal, grievous,
Headlines crush our faith in man.
So our faith,
Is not in failures,
But in the only One who can.

Only He
Can teach us love
For every human here on earth.
It's His breath,
And it's His blood,
That's gives each of us true worth.

So we long now,
For that someday,
When our world will learn to love.
We can't teach them,
We just give them
What we receive from above.

All this darkness,
May it cause us now to yearn,
For more of Jesus,
More of Jesus,
Be loved and then love in return.


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