Yesterday, I went on a beautiful little adventure into Washington state to go see tulip fields with some of my friends from the dorm. I love these people so much! The tulips were beautiful, and we were amazed by their brilliant colors. But at the tulip fields, I was struck by a somewhat disturbing and telling paradox. 

Looking at my photos, or anyone's photos from that day, it looks like a beautiful field separate from the busy social life. It looks distant from craziness, far from crowds.

Because, of course, that's how I wanted it to look. That's how everyone with a camera wanted to capture the moment. Alone, serene, distinct, tranquil, perfect. 

Not like this. 

This is what the field really looked like. To get the flowers, I had to squeeze through crowds of people, each waiting for a turn to get their flawless shot. Languages were as numerous as the tulips' color varieties, children of all races were being pushed into position for the perfect picture. 

It was annoying, if I'm going to be honest. I just wanted to see the flowers, and everyone was getting in the way. It was annoying to see people so wrapped up in making themselves look beautiful in the flowers. I was asked to take photos for several people, and while I willingly did, I was irritated by the fake appearance and the effort they put into looking so unlike themselves. One of my biggest sins is being judgmental, and yesterday was a showcase. 

Then it hit me. It hit me, the hypocrisy of the thoughts that pounded in my head. 

To admire and gaze on the beauty of these flowers, I was pushing past people

What it more beautiful? Five rounded petals, or a human being? A stem and bloom, or a heart and soul? 

I hope that because of yesterday, I will value people a little bit more. I hope, and I ask God over and over, that I will have His eyes to see His sons and daughters. Each one is made in His image, and He cares for them far more than the lilies of the field. Or the tulips.


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