2015 to 2016

The new year has arrived, and thus the time to look back and look forward. So here are some highlights and memories from my year in photos, and a bit about my goals for 2016.

Playing ping-pong with my sweet Tibetan girls on the first almost warm day of the spring at Dandelion Middle School.

Ian, myself, Todd, and Caroline: four of the best English teaching buddies I could ask for, and four of the best friends in the past years. 

Teaching, because that's what spring 2015 was all about! And doing it with Todd was always fun too. And having a beach ball makes everything better. 

In Inner Mongolia having the experience of a lifetime staying in a yurt, riding horses, shooting bows and arrows, and riding camels. 

Jack, Kevin, and Jordan: just three of the many sweet faces of my students that I miss so much. There was tough times to be sure, and these same boys gave me their share of mischief. But I'm honored to have been a part of their lives, and I miss moments like these with them. 

Back stateside began with spending time with my solid seven sisters. 
Julia, Brenn, SharaLee, Carolyne, Lauren, and Katelyn, I love you all so much. 

And then it was off to Trinity Western University! Fall 2015 was defined by the friendship of these girls. 3WX, you're the best! 

Most of my dorm, the girls who have been my family at university. 

And a must-have shout-out to the best roommate ever. Thanks for putting up with me!
And most of all, I'm grateful for my faithful family. These are the people who I can always come back to, who always challenge and encourage me, and who hold the biggest pieces of my heart.

The year of 2015 was full to overflowing with blessings from China to Canada and back. I've felt that 2014 was a year of intense learning for me, mostly regarding prayer and the Holy Spirit and the Church. 2015 was a time for me to grasp and understand all that I'd learned, becoming comfortable with those ideas. And now, I pray that 2016 is the year I can see it all grow into full-fledged action and application in my life.

Practically, my one "resolution" of sorts is to participate in the Year of Biblical Literacy. This is essentially just reading the entire Bible this year, but especially through A Jesus Church and The Bible Project. Find out everything you need here! I hope you'll join me!

Father, this year is Yours like all the others. You're in me, and I'm in You. Let's go!


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