sonnet for suffering

Oh battered world, still clinging to the hope 
That dies a thousand deaths day after day  
Undone by terror’s terrifying clench, 
Again to gather, groping, gasp to pray.  
Oh scattered peoples, faces victimized 
Are refugees, bystanders, children, friends  
Our brother, sisters, thrown into this fear,  
Enduring each what no one comprehends.  
Oh shattered windows, bullet-riddled walls 
Of hearts ne’er meant nor made to suffer wrong.  
Through cracks and fragments glimpse a flickering gleam, 
The rampage, then in stillness yet this song, 
That in our suffering worlds, our worlds unite, 
And over darkness shall prevail the light. 

Written in the aftermath of November 13th, 2015. Written for those suffering in Paris, Beirut, Syria, Japan, Mexico, Russia, and every corner of the earth touched by the Fall. There is hope, and His name is Jesus. 


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