whistler, bc

I spent this early October Sunday exploring one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

My friends Lauren and Brenn came up to visit me this weekend, and we were all ready to see the amazing things we'd heard existed in British Columbia. I'd heard Whistler was a lovely place, so we set off with no real direction but to follow the signs and find wifi at a coffee shop somewhere when we got there. And for a day with no real planning, we could literally not have asked for more beautiful things. Here are just a few! 

Brandywine Falls 

This was the first of two lakes we reached. The second was on the other side of the ridge in this picture. It was long and strenuous, but so worth it. 

This water was the most stunning turquoise blue. And the friend was stunning too, of course. 

Reflecting on reflections this weekend. We talked about how Jesus will soon bring the new heavens and new earth. And perhaps waiting for it is like looking at a reflection on something real, anticipating the moment when we get to lift our eyes to how it was all meant to be. 

We got to feel like Disney princesses and let the wild birds come and eat from our hands. 

Don't forget to look back. Sometimes the climb is rough, but often just turning one corner can help you to see how far you've come. Keep climbing. Keep looking back on His faithfulness. 

British Columbia did not disappoint. We feel like we've seen glimpses of heaven today, and that's enough. Hiking up difficult slopes, we were discouraged and considered giving up. Then suddenly we caught a glimpse of the mountain toward which we were headed. Just that glimpse was enough to push us farther. Soon, we caught another glimpse of the turquoise lake we were bound for. That glimpse brought us running all the way, nearly forgetting our exhaustion in anticipation. And I couldn't help but think that God gives us little glimpses of His glory, little glimpses of Heaven, just enough to help us keep going. Because we know it's worth it.


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