Being at college is multi-faceted to say the least, but probably the biggest influence of my year will be the girls pictured here. From Guatemala to Malawi to El Salvador to Canada to China to America, we're so different, but of course that what makes the community so rich. I'm grateful for each of them, and getting some super nice photos with them too! Check out the rest here.

This is my wonderful, beautiful group of girls I will call family for a year. 3WX, I love you all! 

Convincing Mony to be Chinese with me.
There we go. 

My fantastic, beautiful, caring, dedicated RA, Gaby. 
Our co-dorm RA and roommate who have cars and are nice and beautiful and take us places. 

Most of our dorm: 3X!

3WX with our Community Facilitator, Jenna!

Why not go out on a limb?

Me and the roommate. Buddies. 


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