college 101

One week of university: done. 

This first week at Trinity Western University has been a blast of activities, people, classes, and something always in between it all. For those of you who are interested, here's a bit about my life in Langley, British Columbia, thus far and a few lessons learned along the way. 

We dressed up like Peter Pan and the lost boys!
My dorm is fantastic. I met Gaby, my RA, just as I came in to the dorm. She's Guatemalan, and she's the coolest RA ever. Short, sweet, adorable, caring, creative, and lots of fun, I'm so excited to get to know her throughout this year. All the girls in my hall are so different, but we have a lot of fun together. We're super international, with three Americans, five Chinese, one Japanese, one Guatemalan, one El Salvadorian, and then a bunch of Canadians. My roommate is Chinese, and we get along great. Conversation can be in either language, and we help each other a lot. All God; thanks! Lesson learned: Sometimes, conversations go deep without trying. Sometimes. But I'm learning that it's so much better to just ask a few questions that take a conversation past small talk. Favorites right now: "Tell me about your family." "Tell me about your church?" "What's your Jesus story?" 

I've got a pretty great line-up of classes: Hebrew, Old Testament, Language and Society, English, and Physical Fitness. They each seem like they'll be tough, but worthwhile and interesting. Hebrew is definitely my favorite right now. Lesson learned: Even if your online Fitness quiz is open book and allowed to be done in groups... consider the fact that all of your quizzes could be different... 

Everyone told me I'd make so many friends at college, and they were right. People I met on Day One that I've already studied with, played with, chatted with, had meals with, and gone for walks with. It's kind of crazy to think of how much time I still have left with these people. Even in this first week - which feels way longer - I've glanced at some people and not had a second thought, and then ended up being partners or good friends a day or two later. Lesson learned: Anyone could be your best friend! Open up, have some conversations, do stuff together. Who knows! 

CanIL is the Canada Institute of Linguistics, a partner of Wycliffe Bible Translators that "trains linguists, translators and trainers so that all people may have access to the Bible in their own language." The building is right across from my dorm (the only close building on campus!). I love being a part of this very unique, small community at Trinity. On Friday, CanIL hosted us all for a big lunch, and it was so much fun. There are so many inside jokes between different professors, hilarious debates between the lexicographers, grammaticians, and phonologists, and skits to show the freshman how to use the kitchen whenever they want. Everyone is so encouraging and friendly, and I'm so glad I'm a linguistics major just for this community! Lesson learned: Be a linguist. ;) Also, God answers those prayers. 

There's always something going on at TWU! From square dances to praise and worship nights to bar-be-ques to "banana challenge" to dorm skits to Spartan soccer or hockey games to dorm parties, the activities never end! I can definitely see the challenge of homework time coming quickly. But in the meantime, especially during this first week without much homework, I've loved just being with people and putting myself out there in ways I'm not really used to (yes, mom, I did actually dance with a bunch of people - proud of me?). Lesson learned: When you have the time to just go and do, then just go and do. Time management is usually a necessary part of life. But if you're got a gap period, get yourself out there and have fun! 

Cool Little Things
Church was great this morning, a close little place that's intent on community, generosity, and the gospel. 
Assignment in my Physical Fitness class: a group project poster on emotional health. No way... 
Coffee made in my little french press each morning is soooo comforting. 
Professors are really cool so far. They're so personal that they already know my name, even if they're a Phd. I'm grateful! 

So we're off to a great start. I'll appreciate prayer for really connecting with the people who could use a friend. I just want God's eyes and God's heart. I've asked, and I know He is answering. 


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