done it all

Over this Easter holiday, I spent a lot of time just pondering the truths we hear every year. The gospel becomes more and more beautiful to me as I continue to learn what grace really is. The truth that God has really done everything for us is astonishing and transforming. This song, which is better with a tune but will have to do, is the outcome of the past few days of awe and worship. I hope it is a small reminder that our Father has done everything for us, and simply wants us to take it from His hand and live in His freedom and grace.

Done It All

We sold ourselves to sin,
Dirty and stained, we were lost,
No escape from our own pit,
It was our death to die on that cross.

Bridge 1
But then the light dawned and the Word became flesh,
He said, “I am Jesus, come to me and rest.”
And while we stood watching You died on that tree,
The earth shakes as you set us free!

Our Father, You have done everything,
So all I can do is receive.
There’s nothing that You require now,
Your grace is sufficient for me.
From the moment you said, “It is finished,”
To this moment I stand here in awe,
Oh God, You have done it all.

Bridge 2
But on the third day the light rose from the grave,
He said, “I am Jesus, do not be afraid.”
Now filled with Spirit and heirs to the King,
We run to Your arms and we sing…


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