dandelion poem

As native English speakers, the Dartmouth volunteers, Todd, and I were asked to write a poem for the English teachers to recite at our New Year's celebration. We pumped this out in two painful hours, and after lots of laughter, we think this showcases our quickly decreasing levels of English, and incredible ability to write cheesy poems. Enjoy!

The Dandelion flower,
Is beautiful and strong,
It grows amidst the thorns and stones,
And makes a joyful throng.
Often treated like a pest,
And condemned as a weed,
It never stops its vibrant growth,
Dispersing brand new seeds.
Even healing benefits,
Come from this humble plant,
Not only is it beautiful,
But wishes it can grant.
And so the dandelion,
A flower misunderstood,
Reflects the children of this school,
And their promise of good.
The Dandelion Middle School,
A place of many joys,
Brings happiness through learning,
To all the girls and boys.
Four cornerstones define us,
And shape our state of being,
The first is our self-confidence,
Our valuable 自信。
The next of our school mottos,
Can be seen in every grin,
Radiating joyfulness,
We call this our 乐群。
Seeking truth and knowledge,
Combines us all as one,
Grows us in good character,
This is our 求真。
The art seen all around us,
Creatively endows,
Our students with a spark of life,
Giving us 创造。
The sun rises each morning,
And casts its happy beams,
Upon the many students,
With their wishes and dreams.
The classes are beginning,
And the bell sings its chime,
Children scurry to their seats,
Starting just in time.
The teachers care so deeply,
Much wisdom they impart,
Each Dandelion student,
Has a place in their heart.
The hours fly so quickly,
Through lunch and time to play,
Giving everyone the chance,
To learn more every day!
Like the Dandelion seeds,
Our love spreads constantly.
No matter where we fly from here,
We all are 蒲公英。


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