a time to mourn

a thousand dead,
a moment's time,
their souls never reborn. 
the countless lost,
so high a cost,
and thus a time to mourn. 

unending flow,
unreached, unchanged,
forbid us ever scorn.
all truth of hell,
oh must compel,
in us a time to mourn. 

no day to waste,
a desperate cry,
for God to give us more. 
for each lost soul
an empty hole
that brings a time to mourn. 

our God, indeed,
He knows full well,
He sent His own firstborn.
He lets us choose,
many refuse,
and so a time to mourn. 

the gospel's news,
our only way,
the cross, the crown of thorns,
if not declared,
only despair
is in the time to mourn. 

so let us act,
and let us go,
the gates of hell to storm. 
these tears, keep,
we now must weep,
for this, the time to mourn. 


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