my mom

My mom is perhaps the perfect mom for me.

I just used the word perhaps because she likes that word. But I didn't mean it. What I meant was: My mom is the perfect mom for me.

From the very beginning, she was my example and my mentor. More than just cleanliness and orderliness, I witnessed things of real importance (yes, mom, cleanliness and orderliness are important...). But more so:

I saw her worshiping, and learned to worship too. I heard her praying, and learned that He really listens. I listened to her apologies, and learned about the strength of humility and forgiveness. I saw her tears at the thought of the crucifixion, and I pondered just what it meant to be saved by grace. I watched her commitment to my dad, and understood faithfulness more. I listened to her open her heart and find healing, and learned that everyone has a story. I saw her become mom to two more, and truly stood amazed by how she transformed them through love. I hugged her goodbye as I followed God across the world, and I learned about what it means to let go and trust God.

I am one of the few people who is blessed with having my biggest cheerleader, most committed prayer warrior, most honest mentor, and most loving friend be my mom. I don't have words enough, but I have meant everything I have said. I am who Jesus has made me because He worked through you, mom, and every day I understand it a little more. I love you so much.

Happy Mother's Day!


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