we complicate
and over think
the simplest truth we know.
we postulate
and then debate
whether it’s really so.
the gospel truth,
our salvation,
so plainly powerful,
that Jesus died,
and so supplied,
redemption pure and simple.
Jesus said to
“follow me,”
the words we’ve memorized,
but do we simply
take the step
to see them actualized? 
Jesus saves
by faith alone
and yet we stop to ask,
“but what about,
all things devout,
those justifying tasks?”
Jesus said to
“Go and make
disciples of all men.”
why analyze,
not evangelize;
for if not now, then when?
Jesus loves us,
every one,
with no prerequisite.
but often we,
through word and deed,
teach just the opposite.
I simply ask,
and wonder what
our world would change into
if we were led
by words He said,
not just our point of view.
we must proclaim
our savior’s name
and gospel to all people.
so when we preach,
let’s only teach
it’s Jesus – just that simple.


  1. Beautiful, Shelby! And so true: the Gospel is so simple that we feel like we have to complicate it. But that's not true at all. Thanks for posting!


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