I don't really drink water. It's not that I don't think it's good for me; I know I need it. I just don't really ever get thirsty for water. I know if I actually started a habit of drinking water consistently, my body would quickly realize just how thirsty for it I really am, but it's the habit that's the problem.

Or maybe the problem really isn't a habit of not drinking water, it's my habit of drinking other things I like better. Iced coffee, smoothies, fun-flavored water, lemonade, juice, anything else tastes better and sweeter to me. Water just isn't as exciting as all these other options.

And even as I write, the spiritual parallel is hitting me like a faucet on full strength.

I remember the times, especially last November in China, when I read my Bible every single day, usually multiple times. I wanted it so bad, I thirsted for it every moment, I memorized it and repeated it to myself, I prayed it for people around me, I wrote it in English, Chinese, and phonetics, I couldn't get my fill of it, and at the same time, I was completely satisfied. Then, coming back into a busy life and season at home, that daily habit became slowly less daily, and then when I was home with no "spiritual struggle," it became slowly less necessary, I seemed to think. Soon, I just wasn't making it a priority. Not that I didn't value it, I would just completely forget about reading the Bible and meeting with Jesus for coffee in the morning. I would mean to stop and talk with Him "right after lunch," and other things would happen.

Then, other pieces of life came in as well. This week especially, I was struck by feelings I didn't like. The desire to be with friends, to do cool things, to win approval hit me like a freight train, and I was shocked at the impact. Taken aback, I stopped. I stopped to think about what was going on with me, what had gone wrong. Something brought to mind the song lyrics, "Let living water satisfy the thirsty without price," and I knew God was asking me, What are you thirsty for? Right there, the answer was not Jesus. And right there, He reminded me that no other answer would satisfy.

What have you been drinking lately? Have you been gulping down the Word of God, or other things? These things may be good, very good, just like orange juice, milk, and fruit smoothies are good. But they were not meant to satisfy your body. Neither was anything but Jesus meant to satisfy your soul. Start drinking the Living Water again regularly, and soon you will thirst for it again.

John 4:1-42


  1. This is so true. It's not until you start drinking again that you realized how thirsty you are. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Shelby, this is just what I needed! I'm so blessed by your blog. Thank you for taking time to share what's on your heart. :)


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