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TeenPact National Convention 2013 was the culmination and highlight of the 2013 State Class season. It was also the beginning of the 2013 alumni events. National Convention was biggest event TeenPact has ever held with 750 people present. We had the largest number of frisbee teams, small groups, candidates, and rooms than ever before. But more than statistics and titles, National Convention 2013 was a time where God worked in our hearts, where friendships were built, and where memories were made. Some highlights:

small groups

As you can see from the picture, I had a pretty great small group. Even though we could never agree on how to pronounce our group name of "Apricot," we discussed great things and experienced a great week together.


There is something so unique about lifting our voices in worship to Jesus with 750 other people who all want to shout His name to the ends of the earth.  I was blessed to be able to help on the keyboard a little, but I was even more blessed to be led to the foot of the cross over and over again.


both with my Mississippi team for the tournament and the intern team for the exhibition game, frisbee was a blast, as always. And this year, I actually got to touch the frisbee, so that was a plus. 


The speakers at National Convention are always a highlight. God was faithful once more in bringing people who had a message to share, who were passionate, and who spoke words that intertwined with one another to impact the lives that listened that week. And thanks to my favorite speaker, Aaron Watson. Thank you for living out the calling you speak of, and thereby inspiring others to do the same.


The elections this year were huge, professional, clever, and energized. Especially the presidential tickets showed sportsmanship and true friendship that was a wonderful example for everyone who watched them. The messages the candidates shared, from "Surrender It All" to "Be Different" to "Radical Obedience" to "Rise Above" were challenging and sincere. And hey, the fact that my awesome friend Christian got vice-president makes me pretty happy too.

Ben, Nate, Stephen, Johnny, Reagan, Ryan, Brady, Blake, Danny, Stevie, Adam, Grayson, Michael, SharaLee, Katelyn, Carolyne, Brenn, Julia, and Lauren. Names that means so, so much to me. To work with you all for one last week was a gift I will never repay God for. I am speechless at the thought of thanking you all, and Aaron, Lydia, and Mr. Martin, for this event and this season. I love you. 

he is faithful

Once again, I come home amazed by what I've experienced. I am so unworthy, but so loved. God, I can't even begin to grasp how much grace you've poured out on me in these last few weeks, but I know that it has been a lot. Thank you for the cross, and for mercies anew every morning. You are faithful.


  1. Ah, Shelby, this is a beautiful! What a touching tribute to what I am sure was an incredible week! :)


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