The beauty of God's foresight and story-writing overwhelms me at times. Coming back to Washington state for the 2013 TeenPact class was one more piece of the puzzle that has blessed me so much. Soli Deo gloria.

It was a privilege for our team (pictured here without Mr. Chambers, Mr. Rodgers, and Autumn) to follow in the footsteps of some very special people in years past. Jimmy Brazell, Mrs. Reich, and Yetta Hein were each a part of this class three years ago, and are now finished with their earthly journey. The perspective that walking behind those leaders is truly different than I've experienced before, and I am so thankful for it. Because of them, I saw this class so differently and lived it differently. I was challenged to keep going, keep investing, and keep loving because of the example they set.

This year, I was blessed to work with Stevie Leifheit, Ryan Funkhouser, Kaitlan Patterson, Patrick Lee Scoggin, Joe Solem, Emily Ballam, Christine Cools, Christian Edmonds, Lauren Johnson, John Barrueto, and Autumn Johnson, as well as the new WA state coordinator Mr. Rodgers, and our friend/assistant/office-person/care-taker Betsy Reich. God placed them each here, and I have learned from them. I truly have. I'll miss this big family.

God was with us in Washington. From the class logistical standpoint, God was strong in my weaknesses (which were more than usual on this class!). From a health standpoint, God took over when I couldn't (sickness can sure make you trust God fast). From an emotional standpoint, God was my foundation. And from a spiritual standpoint, God showed up in big ways. Mr. Chambers taught us beautiful things from the Word and heart of God, and especially on Wednesday night, God sent His Spirit into the hearts of many students, several for the very first time. After the first young man stood up to proclaim Christ as his Savior, the tears flowed freely and didn't stop for a while. I do not know of a joy that equals the sight of someone being saved.

I'm exhausted, but so glad to be. I'm worn, but not discouraged. Only because He is faithful.

He is faithful.


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