What a week.

The Adams' house.
Once again, I headed off into new territory: Kentucky. Never having been there, all I could picture was big fields, horses, picket fences, ponds, etc. And let me tell you, I was right! The state was gorgeous, and so... Kentucky! Just take a look at the house we stayed at for the first and last nights!

Then, we met up with the staff team: Danny Sullivan, Reagan Tifft, Mitchell Freer, Drew Waldbeser, Sam Herrmann, Rachel Barker, Emilee Smith, Rachel Sheets, Morgan Hatfield, Amy Searl, Lauren Johnson, and Mr. Goode - am I blessed, or am I blessed? These people have become all so special to me. From soooooooo much laughter to deep conversations to very stretching experiences, we've had a blast together. Cool off, guys!

A few highlights:
1. Learning Tae Kwon Do from Sam
2. Awesome soup at the Capitol. Yep.
3. The beautiful Capitol building
4. Being in Shelby county!
5. Working through unexpected challenges
6. Meeting a TP intern girl from 2008
7. Leading House and Senate with Lauren
8. Danny's PD challenge
9. Snow. Again.
10. Seeing old friends

The class itself was a gift from God. I loved meeting up with girls I'd met before at Endeavor, and guys I'd met at Survival too! As a class, we had a ton of energy and made a ton of memories. We heard from some fabulous speakers (and some really, really memorable ones too!). We got to see the gorgeous capitol building every day, which just made me happy! We worshiped God, learned more about His plan for our lives, and grew closer to Him as well as our brothers and sisters in Christ. And we played some intense games of "Do You Love Your Neighbor" and "Four on a Couch." Seriously intense. The class was over all too soon, but I pray that many of these friendships are just beginning.

Finally, Danny, Morgan, and I all headed down to Florida with the van, grabbing Carolyne in Atlanta. Hours in the van together listening to podcasts, filling up on media, trying to find more deep questions to ask, having random adventures, eating food, and laughing a lot - like I said, I'm blessed. Read last week's post.

All in all, I am overwhelmed. The good moments are God's grace being poured out unconditionally, and the hard moments are what grow me more than anything else. He loves me, He will not change, and that's all I need to know.

Let everything within me praise the Lord, praise the Lord.


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