he rose again

After Friday, the disciples were stunned beyond belief. As one of those who had dropped their personal lives, careers, and families to follow Jesus, how could the disciples come to grip with the fact that on Friday, they had seen the "Messiah" tortured, crucified, and... die?

When was the last time you truly thought about that phrase: "Jesus died." Jesus. God Almighty. The Son of the Creator of the universe. The Word. He died. As humans, we know the terminology of death all too well, and we know it is unreleasing, unrelenting. But we know of One who truly, really died, and rose again.

"Rose again." Think about that! Imagine being a little mouse in the tomb early on Sunday morning, sniffing around, and then suddenly realizing that the dead body... wasn't dead any more. (Okay, the mouse part may not help the illustration for you, but it helpe
d me!) Is that crazy, or is that crazy?

He conquered death. Yet another oh-so-common phrase that encapsulates one of the greatest concepts of all time. 

I honestly don't have a lot to say on this Easter Sunday. Jesus is alive, and because of that, I want to live. So come on!


Again, the thought process of the disciples is what fascinates me most about these Three days. You can read a poem I wrote last year here.

He is alive!


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