it is finished

I don't have many words to share this week. This video holds many of the things I'd love to convey, and it's hilarious too. Watch a bit!


 What I've truly been learning over this week, and the past few weeks, is encapsulated in the words, "It is finished," the words Jesus spoke on the cross as He died, finishing our justification. But what I'm learning to grasp more and more is that He didn't just finish my salvation from hell, but He's constantly the One who saves, redeems, and accomplishes victory every day. 

I'm in Wisconsin right now, getting set to start my first TeenPact class of the season tomorrow. And in this class, I want to refocus. I want everything to fade in the background as Jesus becomes clearer and clearer. I want to stop living and striving in my own strength, even "for God." My own strength gets me nowhere. Jesus was, is, and will be everything good in me. He gets the glory for it all, because it has been His story all along. I have done nothing for Him beyond the feeble attempts to give what He clearly deserves, but He loves me radically. It's all Him. 

He must increase, I must decrease. That is exactly my desire. 


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