When I consider the things God has done in this past year, I am overwhelmed at the contemplation of another year. I am staggered at the thought of how different I will be by the end of this two-thousand thirteen. I am not in control, and I have no wish to be in control. I am fully confident and at peace because I know personally the One who is in control. All I want is for this year to glorify Him more than any year before it.

As I enter this year, I do have a few resolutions, as always. They're a little different than years past (in other words, I'm not officially attempting the "Radical Challenge" this year, but hoping to continue it as more of a lifestyle than a challenge) (though I definitely accomplished the goal of "spending 2% of your time in another context." it was more like 33%). My resolutions are more like your average, ordinary type, but here they are nonetheless:

1. Chinese
        - learn 2 new words every day.
        - translate one Bible chapter per week.

2. Reading
        - finish "Quo Vadis" and "The Screwtape Letters." 
        - read "Crime and Punishment," "Anna Karenina," "In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day," "The Cost of Discipleship," and "Bonhoeffer."

3. Me
      - work to be more accepting of correction.
      - be more intentional about encouraging others.

4. God
       - faithfully meet with God each day, and live in His presence always.
       - pray
       - pray more. 
       - pray even more.

 This year will bring so many new demonstrations of God's faithfulness. Maybe it will be shown through days of blessing and easily-seen joy, or maybe it will be seen through trials and tears. Probably both. I want to simply follow God wherever He leads, and I can do so without fear because I trust Him. I trust Him completely, and surrender fully. There is nothing that brings more peace than that. What a friend we have in Jesus!

Happy New Year!


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