the dentist

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. (cue "dental care" by owl city.)

So... most of you know that I'm a fairly calm, just-trust-God kind of person. But I really dislike going the dentist. The pressure that builds day upon day just knowing that the appointment is coming, looming in the future. And somehow, that appointment NEVER gets cancelled or rescheduled. I've heard the words "you've got a cavity" more than once, and I hate the feeling that comes afterward. Altogether, going to the dentist is pretty much the single worst regular occurrence in my life.

As I was trying to mentally prepare for my appointment tomorrow (which is yet another sign of how much this is affecting me - I almost never mentally prepare before the event), I was wishing to myself for some kind of way out. I started hoping that the dentist would just forget to tell me if I had any cavities, that I could just walk out completely ignorant and blissful. But then, of course, I realized what a betrayal that really would be. Even though I absolutely hate being found with a cavity, the dentist would tell me that it was there for my own benefit. Left untended, it would grow much worse. And if it was caused by a behavior of mine, the dentist would tell me to help prevent further cavities.

Aha. Spiritual parallel...

This one is definitely not the most profound I've ever had. Pretty cheesy, really. But hey, it's true.

And speaking of truth, that's the parallel.

People don't like to be told there's something wrong with them. They think that they're fine on their own, that "ignorance is bliss." Even if they know that they might have a problem, they'd rather just ignore the whole thing so they simply don't have to deal with it. But in reality, there is a serious problem inside everyone. It's sin planted in our hearts, causing decay to every part of us it touches. Untended, it only gets worse. It certainly can never heal itself back up, no matter how well we brush our teeth from then on. Once it's there, it's there.

If I were a good dentist, I would tell you about the problem in your mouth so that you could fix it. But in today's world, we are told to keep our mouths shut about the problem in everyone's heart. I don't know about you, but I won't. I won't sit back and let people rot from the inside out when I know the cure. When I know that Jesus saves, that Jesus redeems, that Jesus paid for everything we have ever done, and that Jesus freely offers salvation, I simply won't stop telling it to others. I will speak the truth because even though the truth can hurt for a moment, it leads to beautiful places.

I guess I'll just try to remember that at the dentist tomorrow.

"And you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free." John 8:32



  1. I love my dentist! He's whistling all the time, and is hilarious!!! And I appreciate the spiritual parallel as well :)


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