Have I mentioned yet that I am crazy blessed?

This past week, I staffed TeenPact Endeavor East 2012 with these amazing ladies. We learned all about adventurous beauty and courageous femininity. Well, actually, we just scratched the surface. But I gained so much from not only the entire experience, but from every single lady involved. But... a few specifics:

1. Changing a tire. I feel so much more prepared to take on life. Hooray.

2. Proper etiquette. I now have an easier time actually doing it than actually spelling it.

3. Incredible food. This is not camp food, y'all. Gourmet chefs and TeenPact moms combined to make the beeeeeest tomato soup (and pretty much everything else) that I've ever had. Mrs. Gibson... recipes?

4. Proverbs 31 Woman. We spent many hours pondering and learning what Proverbs 31 tells us about being a godly woman. Of everything, the piece that I remember most is one of the initial phrases, "She does [her husband] good and not evil all the days of her life." All the days of her life. Not just her married days, but all her days. Even now, our actions should be ones that will bring him good all our lives.

5. He is faithful. I don't think I'll ever finish learning this lesson. But one evening later in the week, we all witnessed a beautiful rainbow that demonstrated to us a striking spiritual parallel. Rainbows, as we all know, symbolize God's promise to Noah never to flood the earth, and therefore simultaneously symbolize His faithfulness. Scientifically, we know that a rainbow is caused by sunlight shining through the prisms in the drops of rain. How profound is that?! God's faithfulness is only truly seen and truly beautiful in our lives when it shines through the rain. When there is no "rain" in our lives, His faithfulness is less bright. But when there is rain, when there is a time of hardship or suffering, we can see the true colors of His promises, and look up to the light of the rainbow.

6. Wonderful girls. Madeline, Kathryn, Bethany, Sarah, and Molly Elizabeth were in my room, and the five of them along with Hannah, Luci, Elizabeth, Mary Margaret, and Emily (and SharaLee) were in my small group. I was so blessed by these girls. Their energy was... hilarious. We had so many laughs together. But then, they were so deep and so intentional about wanting to be committed to Jesus. They inspired me in their openness and vulnerability, and I will be praying for them. I love y'all!

7. The Solid Seven. Brenn, Carolyne, Katelyn, Lauren, Julia, and SharaLee are some of the most loving, competent, funny, adventurous, diverse, and united people I've known, and I am so so so so so so so stoked/blessed/stunned/thrilled to be able to go forth across the nation with these girls at my side. We'll be separated a lot, but united in prayer, vision, and purpose. We know each others' inner desserts, and inner desires for our lives. It doesn't get much deeper than that, folks!

So yes, I am crazy blessed.

(Emphasis on the crazy part.

In other words, I may be going back to Beijing, China next month. Any prayer is highly appreciated.)


  1. I know you had a good time and all, but I am so glad you are back.

  2. I love you Shelby, and I am so blessed to have had the chance to do this beside you. I've got your back girl :)


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