oh, to be home

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Nathan Stutzman's welcome to Heaven.
Yesterday was the memorial service for Mrs. Watkins, a dear member of our church family.
Yesterday was the day when our treasured friend, Mrs. Reich, first saw Jesus.

What a beautiful, though heart-wrenching, day.

In all this turmoil of a fallen world, there is a stunning peace. There is hope, not a "thing with feathers" kind of hope, but hope that is a rock in storms. Unshakeable.

I have been promised Heaven. I have trusted Jesus, trusted that when that day comes, His death and His blood alone will bring me blameless before God. And so I am confident that one day, one day soon, I will see His face, and I will worship Him as He welcomes me Home. I have been promised Heaven by the God who has proven that He keeps His promises.

the promise

I know not what,
It will be like,
This Home for which I long.
But I am sure,
Of anthems pure,
The saints rejoicing song.
I know not if,
My sin will be,
Still with me at the Door.
But I will be,
Alive and free,
Where sorrows are no more.
I know not how,
I will respond,
As all my debts are cleared.
But I will leap,
Or humbly weep,
When my stains disappear.
I know not where,
My eyes will turn,
When through the gates I pass.
But there, His face,
His warm embrace,
I’ll be with Him, at last.

I know not when,
That day will be,
The day I’ll enter there.
But my soul yearns,
My heart, it burns,
His righteousness to wear.
I know not why,
My soul, He loved,
Or why He ransomed me.
But this I know,
I trust Him so,
And soon, with Him, I’ll be. 

Praise the Lord. 



  1. Thank you for this. Mrs. Reich had a huge impact on me during my years at Teenpact, and I will miss her. But I know that I will see her again one day, and I rejoice for her sake that she is in a far better place.


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