no regrets ~ a poem

Some people have,
A theme that they love,
A truth which they strive to uphold.
The phrase, "No regrets"
Helps me never forget,
How I want to live fearless and bold. 

Two powerful words,
That challenge me so,
And compel me to live unashamed,
Of the gospel I've known,
And the love I've been shown,
That merits my Jesus proclaimed.

So, what is a regret?
A feeling of distress,
Something you’d change if repeated.
But I want to live loud,
So Jesus'll be proud,
On the day when my life is completed.

You see, life is short,
I know this is true,
After seeing close friends pass away.
But their lives have inspired,
An urgent desire,
To live purposefully each day.

Living without regrets,
Takes perseverance,
And it takes an eternal perspective.
So let’s do hard things,
And hold back nothing,
With Jesus our only objective.

I'm motivated,
Inspired, activated,
By remembering what I will think.
When my life has gone by,
I'll be glad I held tight,
When it felt I was there at the brink. 

It was there that I learned,
And began to live out,
The principle of which I write.
Better be radical,
Than to be regretful,
I'll follow with all of my might. 

Jesus, please show me,
What You really said,
And what You have asked me to do.
And when You have spoken, 
Give me the strength,
To immediately follow You. 


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