the beginning of the end

The Passion week has begun. From today, Palm Sunday, until Easter Sunday, Jesus speaks His final teachings, makes His final commands, and breathes His final breath as He suffers to bring a final end to the punishment of sin. No other week can compare to the things we remember as we celebrate this very week.

And it began today, Palm Sunday. Today, Jesus rode into Jerusalem, outwardly demonstrating His commitment to be the King of the Jews, and to save His people. To everyone around Him, it appeared that Jesus' kingdom was about to be established in Jerusalem, that perhaps He was beginning to gather an army of supporters. His disciples were probably excited at the prospect, as they had waited so long for Jesus to be made king. But Jesus knew what this all really meant.

He didn't come riding on the donkey with a vision of defeating earthly rulers and setting up earthly kingdoms. His vision was much greater. He came seeking the salvation of souls, the vanquishing of sin, and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven in the hearts of humanity.

No doubt, it would have been much easier for Jesus to use His divine power to bring about earthly peace and reign over earthly kingdoms. But instead, Jesus came to solve the root problem, the one deep issue that men could do nothing about. He came to redeem our souls.

He knew as He entered Jerusalem the things He would have to suffer. Jesus was well-aware of the price the was required. Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, He would suffer every last bit of God's wrath that our sin demanded. It was coming; that Jesus knew. And still, He came to us, came riding in as a humble king, knowing full well how soon we would turn our backs to Him. He knew it was the beginning of the end.

That kind of love is staggering. Absolutely staggering. And as we walk through this week, let us focus on Jesus' unfathomable love for us. Read in the gospels the things He says during these last seven days, the teachings He found most important. Each day, remind yourself of Him, and of what the very God of the universe was about to give for you.

Today is the beginning of the end. But not the end of Jesus; it is the beginning of the end of our sin.



  1. "Today is the beginning of the end. But not the end of Jesus; it is the beginning of the end of our sin."

    I love the way you wrote that. AMEN.


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