TeenPact Washington I 2012.

Pretty much amazing.

There are so many lessons I learned, people I met, opportunities I took, and relationships I built. It was fantastic and unforgettable not because of the stellar staff and students, but because God worked mightily.

In review, I want to begin with... the staff! Mr. Chambers, Quin Cools, Ben Solem, Hannah Royston, Ryan Funkhouser, Timothy Kranick, Christian Edmonds, Adam McDaniels, Stevie Leifheit, Lauren Reavely, and Joy Gebert were unbelievable (and Aaron Watson hung out for a few days!). First of all, we had so much fun together. (Eh!!) (ah, ah, ah, ah) (slurpee nation) (here we go.) I love the memories I have with each of them, like leading House nad Senate with Ben, doing the Judicial Review bill in Spanish with Adam, leading a one-day committee with Tim, having super-exhausted debriefs with Lo, Joy, and Hannah, and so many more. But most importantly, the staff pushed me more and more to serve to the best of my ability. Their flexibility, initiative, and depth were an inspiration to me. They were so focused on the mission of the class: changing lives to change the world.

Secondly, the students! I loved them. Seriously. From the students in my committee, to the students in my party, to the students in my rendezvous, I was thrilled by how they were so engaging and willing to learn. I won't list all of their names here, but I remember each of them and their faces. From things like teaching you all about the House and Senate, to worshiping God in sessions, to debating bills in committee, to playing Do You Love Your Neighbor for a looooong time, to deep one-on-one conversations, I was so blessed by every minute of it. Especially the amazing girls I got to know (sorry guys!) have impacted me, and I miss them quite a lot.

Lastly, God. God did so much this week, I am still overwhelmed and staggered. Any of the staffers or students could tell you that God changed lives. Through Mr. Chambers' teaching sessions, the worship, and the work of God in each of our hearts, each and every student left that week different than when they started. Some made the greatest decision they will ever make. Many of these young people decided to commit to a PPR, a Personal Priority Relationship with Jesus Christ, deciding serve Him 100%. And about eight students gave their life to Jesus for the first time. I am literally getting chills right now just writing about it. Ah! I am don't have the words to say how absolutely ecstatic I am for those of you who are now beginning this life with Christ. Not only because of the hope and purpose you now have, but because you have been saved for eternity. You have accepted the gift He offered you, and nothing can take it away. It is finished. aaaaah!!

I think you can all see why this was an unforgettable week. Thank you God for what You have done. Be with those who committed themselves to You this week, and let them be continually fed by Your Word.

On to the TeenPact Montana class. Keep praying for God to work, whether on the inside or on the outside.


  1. Wow...so awesome. I had been praying fervently and continually for all of you at the Washington I class, and I am so elated to hear that God worked in such amazing ways during the week. It sounds like for some of the students, it was not just changing lives, but actually "saving lives to save the world". Wow. God is just...so amazing. Keep pressing on! You are in my prayers.
    ~Sierra M.


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