what we're missing

I've noticed that in the past few days, there has been a heaviness on a lot of us who miss Jimmy right now. We all know that grief is a process of ups and downs, but I'm seeing around me, and feeling myself, that right now seems to be more difficult for many. And I couldn't help but wonder why. For the Brazell family and for close friends, I cannot imagine how different the holidays seem. I just pray. But what about for the rest of us?

I think that maybe we're missing Jimmy more right now because we want his fresh and eternal perspective on life. In the midst of the Christmas hustle, the toy rage, the artificial happiness, the triviality surrounding Jesus, we are hungry for that reminder of what we're really here for. We miss his sincerity, his mindset, his focus on Jesus and on people. Through the roasted chestnuts that will be gone tomorrow, or the gifts that fade with time, we're hungry again for the truth, the Truth that Jimmy shared so freely.

And then I remember, that truth is still here. That love is still here. That true joy is still here. Because it wasn't from Jimmy, it was through Jimmy. What we need is just Jesus.

Jimmy, we miss you so much. But I thank God that you were the kind of person that left a hole when you moved on. I pray that I can be that kind of person,  a person who makes people realize how much they need Jesus' truth and love. Because of you, we're realizing that in this season, sometimes it's Jesus that we're really missing.


  1. Thanks Shelby. :)
    I needed something like this.

  2. Shelby... don't get comfortable, but you already are. :)


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