christmas spirit

Well, Christmas Day has ended. We have another 365 days until next year's Christmas celebration. Around here, a lot of people have been sad throughout the day, realizing that, "Oh, Christmas is almost over." But I finally realized that today being over means that... tomorrow will come. (Profundity stands on obvious shoulders!)

We've all heard the challenge to live with the Christmas spirit throughout the year, to carry the hope on to other days. But let's take it seriously.

I know that on Christmas Eve, I left a napkin full of cookies and fudge in our mailbox for the mail-lady. Just feeling the "Christmas Spirit," you might say. And now I'm thinking, why not do that any time of the year? Or Christmas caroling in retirement homes, why not go there and sing hymns in the middle of summer? I can just here Charlie Brown's company singing, "Oh, that we could always see such spirit through the year."

Why carry on the cheer of Christmastime? Because the "true meaning of Christmas" should not and cannot be contained in one day. The birth of Christ means the beginning of the greatest hope, and that hope is needed every single day.

Christmas marks the dawn of redeeming grace; the day is just beginning.


A note: I find it remarkable that this, my 100th post, is on Christmas Day. Jesus, You are faithful!


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