I'm at the Aldrich's house right now, having the first sleep-over since Rachel got home for Christmas break. It's great. I love these people so much. But... they want me to be done writing this post, obviously. "Come on, Shelby," Rachel said teasingly, "come invest in our lives."

And that made me think. Made me think about just how important investing in people is. People are so inherently valuable simply because they are made and loved by God. No matter who they are, Jesus died in the hopes of demonstrating to them how much He loves them.

I remember one time in September when, after hours of preparing for the SAT, Lauren Reavely and I laid back in the grass and looked at the passing clouds overhead. Deep thoughts flowed in the sheer wonder of the skies, and conversation turned to many different topics. I asked, "Does it seem crazy to you that everyone is just as deep as I am, or you are?" "Yes!" she replied. She knew what I meant, but the question is phrased a bit strangely. So here's what I meant.

Each of us are so.... deep. It's hard to for me to come up with a better word. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, there is so much more to us than people can see on the surface. Even our closest friends cannot know everything. Maybe they know our deepest, darkest secrets, but they can never know the feelings in our hearts, the true thoughts in our soul. Think about yourself: Don't you know that you are so much deeper than anyone knows?

One day it just struck me, so is everyone else. Each and every person, all around us, is filled with a deep longing to be known, and a depth of soul that no one can comprehend. No one but their Maker.

What an adventure to be able to learn about people. To learn a bit about who this eternal, loved, deep person truly is. Things come and go, computers feel nothing, video games simply turn off. But people, there is nothing more valuable and more important.

Think of a few people in your life who need investment. Need someone to demonstrate to them once again that Jesus Christ, God with us, Emmanuel, does know them. He does love them. He loves them so much.

And as for me, I'm going to go invest in some people too. See you later.


  1. YES! Ahh! I know exactly what you mean by the word deep. :)

  2. Wow, I was just thinking kind of along the same lines earlier today! :D


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