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I just found this on facebook: Jimmy's campaign group and description from TeenPact National Convention 2010. I can't tell you how impacted I was and how grateful I am to have Jimmy's own words on what he found most important.


I am running for TeenPact Senate not because of skills or abilities I may have(or lack), or because of strong platforms I may have, or for the title, but for the message that I believe that I can share with everyone in TeenPact!!! I believe that there is a message I can share!

My slogan is "One Word:Love".

I believe that all purpose begins and is carried out in love! Everything good, everything... beautiful is rooted in love! All light is rooted in love! All of the other themes and slogans that others are using are(or should be) rooted in this one word: love! 

Love is what Christianity is all about! Love is what life is all about!!!!

When I say "Love" I do not mean to be "in love". For being "in love" is nothing more than a petty, fleeting feeling. Instead, when I say "Love" I mean "to love" with the pure, true, selfless love of Christ! To shine this love on everyone around you! To shine it upon the other Christian brothers and sisters in TeenPact! To shine it upon the world outside of TeenPact(this is what it is all about!!!!)!!!!
"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."(Mat.5:8). "...God is love..."(I Jn.4:7-21). To see God! To see Love! 

I believe that if we were to see this pure, true Love, we would naturally shake on the inside with overflowing joy and excitement, desiring to share it with others! Desiring to shine and express that same radiant, living love to all!! 

Children of God, Children of Light, and Children of Love, please join me on this journey!!!

-Jimmy Brazell


Let's love. 


  1. Thanks for this post... His words really encouraged me too.


  2. This is so true, Scrunchi. Thanks for posting.



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