what have we made Jesus?

I found this in a little self-acclaimed "Junk Store." Amidst the piles of worthless items. Surrounded by a myriad of unnecessary, unimportant things. And there, set equally with it all, sat a representation of the Creator of the universe, the Savior of the world, the Lover of my soul. Labeled for $5.00.

What have we made Jesus? Has He become the item on our emotional shelf that we pull off whenever we feel like it? Has Jesus himself become just a part of our self-gratification?

I wonder, do our lives look like this shelf? Our lives may be storing all the treasures of earth, physical and spiritual. Our home, our car, our sports tickets, along with our friends, our loved ones, everything we claim to have in this life. But have we put Jesus on the same shelf? Do we treat Him as the Almighty God, or more like someone we just expect to listen to our prayers? Yes, Jesus is the greatest Comforter, Healer, and Lover, but He is not just that. He is the star-breather, the ocean-tamer, Jehovah. His character is deeper than we can comprehend, His love is more real that we've ever known, and His power is more ferocious than we've ever seen.

Jesus cannot be an "addition" to our life. He does not leave us that option. Either He is our LORD, or He is not.

Jesus is so much more than a part of our life: He is our life. Philippians 1:21 - For me, to live is Christ. Only a life lived with this truth as it's foundation will be effective for the kingdom of God. Only a life that believes that Jesus is LORD will see the kingdom of God.

What have we made Jesus? What is He in your life? He shouldn't be your "co-pilot," He should be the only one to hold the wheel. He's not just our friend, He's our God. I know I can fall prey to living as through Jesus is just there to get me through the hard times, to make me feel okay. Jesus does do this, but He is so much more as well. So much bigger. As hard as it is, I have to remind myself that God is not subject to my wants and desires. But at the same time, God loves me more than life itself and knows what He is doing. It's a paradox that is hard to grasp. But it's true in my life.

Ask yourself, what is Jesus to you? And how does your life show that? Pray for me as I attempt to give myself to Jesus completely. Because I know I can trust Him.

$5.00? To me, Jesus is worth everything.

{thinking of you, Jimmy, as I contemplate the purpose of life and the greatness of God. thank you for being someone who demonstrated how to live life for our Savior. fourteen weeks of Heaven now, what a reward.}


  1. Wow, Shelby. That is so true. Keep on blogging. Reading your blog is so inspiring and motivating. Keep it up!

    Love you,


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