in the midst of it all

I've been cramming all week. Between my normal schoolwork, keeping up with friends, and preparing for the 2011 Regional Invitational Speech and Debate tournament, I'm full. Just like so many others I'm around most days, life is completely packed right now. But in the midst of it all, I've felt a deep, profound desire to be still. Not in the sense that I want to stop everything I get to be doing right now, but rather that I desire to be still in my soul.

In all that life's throwing at us, we've got to stay focused. As we juggle everything on our schedules and school loads, we've got to remember the big picture.

The life we're living right now is not just a preparation for serving Jesus later on. We are definitely being prepared for God's big plan, but God's big plan has already begun. In other words, even in the middle of the craziness of our current schedules, our priority, goal, and purpose is still Jesus. He is our highest aim. In the midst of it all, remember Jesus.

Easter is coming. I don't want the indescribable joy and awe of this celebration to be tainted by how busy I've been. I'm am now challenging myself to stop, even in the middle of my busyness, and remember my Savior. These next few days will be leading up to the remembrance of the greatest event of all time: our salvation. Can we stop every day to remember that sacrifice of love?

The betraying kiss. The deserting friends. The trial. The whip. The mocks. The blows. The crown of thorns. The nails. The agony. The blame. The cross. The cross...

He could have stopped it. He didn't have to die. But He knew that there was no other way by which we could be saved. Only love kept Him going. In the midst of it all, He remembered you. He remembered me.

Be still and know that I am God...


  1. Thanks for the reminder! Your sister, Macaela


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