the prisoner

Trapped by four gray walls

Outside, a world being torn apart

A madman’s rule, a nation’s ruin,

Inside, the whisper of a broken heart.

Still a soldier of an Army

Whose ultimate victory is sure,

Now his only weapons a pen and prayer,

Knew he how long the words would endure?

So many years and a world away,

Suffering mirrored in little eyes,

Comes to light for those who hear

The truth through the web of soothing lies.

The innocent condemned to die,

Even in “the Land of the Free,”

The brokenness is everywhere,

Hope too, if you can learn to see.

What’s done for the least is done for Him,

Says the Words for which many have died,

But how can you keep waiting and praying,

When, as yet, your hands are tied?

The call to action clearly seen

In ever chapter gives no peace,

Either stay content with the world as it is,

Or continue to read, but one must cease.

“But what about homework? And music? And chores?

As clamoring voices fill our day,

Will we keep in mind what we know is right?

Or assume it all will go away?

Lord, in Your time make us Your hands,

Help us ever clearly see,

The priceless treasure that is ours

When we dare to say, “Here am I, send me.”

~written by an amazing friend of mine who is such an example to me in so many things. Her humility and grace, as well as an unconditional devotion to Jesus, encourage and inspire me.


  1. She truly is an encouragement. :) Just in getting to know her in the past few months I've been inspired to pursue God through scripture more than I have ever done in my life, and her inability to be content doing nothing for the Lord gets everyone around itching to act on their faith too in small and larger ways. :)


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