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We always talk about wanting to be able to serve God with our time, prayers, and money when the opportunity arises. Do you really believe that God will make a difference if we will obey? Well, here's a chance:

Please pray now for the life saving work of the Pregnancy Care Centers of the North Willamette Valley!

August was an unexpectedly record low financial month for us and now in September our funds are completely exhausted. Even though we are the primary obstacle in this region standing in the Planned Parenthood and NARAL abortion machine onslaught, we may now have to close our doors. This appeal couldn’t be more urgent. Your help is needed to pray, give, and spread the word to other like-minded churches, businesses, and friends who will financially stand with us. Don't let lack of funds cause over 1800 men, women, and families per year as clients lose support.

Are you a committed partner? Please contact us now. Are you new, but this moves your heart? Please contact us now.


Pregnancy Care Centers of NWV
Administration Office, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific
120 Engle Avenue, PO Box 129, Molalla, OR 97038
Voice: 503-829-3163
Fax 800-824-2119

The PCCs of the Willamette Valley have made a huge impact for God's kingdom. Satan is trying to destroy them now. Now is the time for us to really stand for what we claim to stand for. Now is when we show that we mean what we say. We won't let Satan win this one.
Have some extra babysitting money? $20 from your grandma? Random change laying around your room? Time to spread the word? Even if all you can do is pray, do it. Show the world what God can do. This is a chance we're always waiting for.


  1. Thank you for spreading the message Shelby!



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